Parcel from Colorado

forget the price put on the cap both pairs of socks and a BIG mug of coffee. then sit there and think this is heaven... then send him a parcel back with out the coffee as its very hard to find coffee to match the blue mountain.

p.s. if you've got a fresh pot of coffee on can i pop round... please ill bring the biscuits


betty swollocks said:
Ready and waiting for you. They say cafetieres should only be rinsed out: well. I obey this maxim:

Ah, the blue mountain....mmmmm. A colleague of mine's brother went on holiday to (I think) Jamaica and got some dirt cheap. My colleague said to me 'I'm not into coffee - here have some of this' - 1 kilo OF PREMIUM BLUE MOUNTAIN! - I only barely resisted kissing her feet!
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