Paris-Nice 2018 ***spoilers***

Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by smutchin, 4 Mar 2018.

  1. roadrash

    roadrash cycle chatterer

    cracking win for groenewegen , is that 123 for @Marmion in the punditry competition
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  2. It is :smile:
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  3. roadrash

    roadrash cycle chatterer

    tell me you had a bet on that....
  4. OP

    smutchin Cat 6 Racer

    The Red Enclave
    Yep. Good job, Marmers - your turn to be the smug git.

    Thought Demare was looking good for a second win but he faded badly. Going early was his only option against the proper sprinters on that finish though.
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  5. Milzy

    Milzy Veteran

    How did I miss this? Any re runs on Eurosport tonight?
  6. Nope, can't think I've ever seen option of 1st, 2nd, 3rd - I had Greipel :sad:

    That'll teach you to change your mind...
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  7. TissoT

    TissoT Über Member

    7pm tonight a chance to catch up
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  8. Milzy

    Milzy Veteran

    You are a legend of cc
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  9. OP

    smutchin Cat 6 Racer

    The Red Enclave
    More like that'll teach me to trust what I read on the internet - saw something that suggested the slightly uphill finish was not good for him... Meh.
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  10. Andrew Br

    Andrew Br Still part of the team !

    Chorlton Cum Hardy
    Belgian actually .........
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  11. BalkanExpress

    BalkanExpress Veteran

  12. gavroche

    gavroche Getting old but not past it

    North Wales
    That's because French music is more about the lyrics than actual music. On the other hand, some French music is world famous with : " My way " " Let it be me" "Beyond the sea" "What now my love" "Seasons in the sun" " If you go away" "The good life" "Yesterday when I was young". All of these songs were original French songs.
  13. ColinJ

    ColinJ A big clot!

    You can usually find replays in the On Demand section, a few hours after a race finishes, and they usually stay up for a week or more. (Sometimes they have multiple links to the same race and they don't necessarily link to the right sports, or the start of coverage (!) so hunt around if you don't immediately find what you are looking for.)

    I missed the 'scheduled broadcast' this evening so I just watched it On Demand instead. (Why do they 'broadcast' on the internet? They are streaming the coverage so why not just let us choose when to watch it i.e. make it all On Demand!)
  14. mjr

    mjr Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next

    I suspect it enables use of a content distribution network, so there's only one stream per distribution area or possibly even only one stream leaving their server, rather than having roughly one stream per viewer, which would max out far more quickly.
  15. ColinJ

    ColinJ A big clot!

    I was thinking about it later and thought it might be something like that.

    I have often wondered how the likes of Netflix and YouTube can stream random HD video content to millions of people simultaneously. They must have some incredible hardware powering them!
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