Parsley Balls, MMMmmmmm!

At out Christmas dinner table, the one accompaniment that would create the biggest ruckus between us all was not the kilted sausages or the crispy roast potatoes but the parsley balls. :hungry:
These small spherical golden, roasted, crispy delights would cause no end of trouble and even a very sharp stab in the back of the hand if you even dared to sneak one ball to many.

Unfortunately, my mum took the knowledge of creating these heavenly wonders to the grave so I was wondering if anyone knows of the recipe. Obviously I know there was parsley and also bread crumbs but not much else, but thinking back now there may have been suet but not sure.

My mum was from Gateshead so it may have been a local dish.

Any ideas?


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I thought from the thread title you'd just had an exciting session down at the allotment.
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