Parts for Sturmey Archer cable


My brommie has the old three speed cable like this:

- it's tired and hard to adjust - I'm not even sure I can get the parts for it now.

Has anyone had any experience of upgrading this setup (I'd at least like the nut with an inspection hole in the side)? I'm really looking to do this old girl up, or even get it serviced in my lbs, but don't want to waste time or money.



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What do you mean by 'upgrade' though? Just refresh the existing parts? Or change it from a 3-speed to something else?

If it's the first, Brilliant bikes have parts for all Bromptons.

There's a list of three speed parts here:

But it's also worth giving them a call to get the parts you need.

If it's the second, and it's upgrades you're after, then @chriscross1966 is your man.
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