Pashley Picador Trike - needs a rebuild

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by Proto, 15 Jun 2008.

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    Pashley Picador Trike - needs a rebuild - Sold!!!!!!

    Pashley Picador trike, 5 speed derailleur. Complete, but in a sorry state, needs a complete strip down and rebuilding. Frame is sound, and paint remarkably good. Crank turns, sort of, but chain is horribly rusty. Wheels turn too, but at least one of the wheels is knackered (bent) and will need a new rim. The other two might just need a lot of loving care. Saddle is scrap. Aluminium bars and stem are perefectly fine. Rear mech (cheapo Shimano) looks like it will still function.

    This was the family workhorse many years ago, my wife taking the kids to school on it (had rear seats in those days). On occasion 5 up - wife pedalling, one child in the front basket, one child standing on the frame, two in the rear seats, sometimes with a cello on board too!! And no, they didn't wear helmets.

    Really don't know how to value it. They are horribly expensive new. Easy ways is to eBay it and let the market decide but thought I'd punt it here first, so offers invited.

    Any interest, call me on 07736 060386 or email proto929 at btinternet dot com

    Picture below, but lots more if you want them.

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  3. That was quick!
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