Patience is a virtue.....

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......enjoyed by few and certainly not me! Got a call from Fat Birds Don't Fly to tell me that my Tifosi CK7 Classic wot I is buyin' through Cyclescheme is ready for collection, yay!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
Only prob is work aren't sending the vouchers out until week-commencing the 17th of this month :cry:.
So I've got to wait, knowing that my nice shiny new velocipede awaits my ham-fisted attentions whilst slogging to work and back on my old Falcon Explorer.
Patience is a bitch! :blush: :wacko: :laugh:


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Hunstantons only an hour up the road, get up there and stand there dribbling at the window :blush:
It'll pass a bit of time...
I would, only (a) Mrs Browser has all of my time between now and a potential collection date filled with 'jobs' around the house and (B) Fat Birds is dead opposite Hunstanton nick, and I'd probably end up being hauled off in there for obscene behaviour in public :sad:

p.s. an hour? You have tried to get round Hardwick roundabout at Kings Lynn haven't you? :biggrin: :biggrin:
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