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Discussion in 'Lands End to John O'Groats (LEJOG)' started by EasyRider76, 3 Oct 2017.

  1. EasyRider76

    EasyRider76 Regular

    Has anyone used Peak Tours for LEJOG? I searched the forum and only found posts about people planning to use them, no reports afterwards.

    My last potential buddy has ruled themselves out so now looking at going solo and don't really fancy it completely on my own so looking for recommended group tours.
  2. Ajax Bay

    Ajax Bay Veteran

    East Devon
    Did you get a bike then? If so which one?
    How many days do you plan to take?
    This blog is from someone who did a 14 LEJOG with Peak Tours last year.
  3. OP

    EasyRider76 Regular

    Ha ha yes, I got one but not sure I like it. To cut a long story short I scrapped the dual-purpose idea and went with a cheap, rubbish, won't-get-nicked bike for everyday and a decent one for 'proper' riding. I was introduced to the idea of a cyclo-cross bike being a good option for a long-distance ride and after trying some out I got some sort of Cannondale one (the model escapes me) which I've put slicks on.

    Not really enjoying the drops though and feel the pedals are too far forward of the saddle for comfort now I've ridden it a fair bit, so am now looking at getting a different bike which is more of a hybrid style (straight bars and put bar ends on) and paying better attention to the fit now I know a bit more about what I'm looking for. Have not yet zoned in on an actual bike though, finding the choice overwhelming...

    Thanks for the blog link, will take a look.

    Was planning on 10 days (I think the distances entailed are manageable, looking at the itinerary and what I've done recently), but may up it to 14 depending on work factors.
  4. Ajax Bay

    Ajax Bay Veteran

    East Devon
    My gratuitous comment is that you could do it in 10 days, but I suspect that that would be keeping the distance to a minimum, to the detriment of a quality route. It's worth allowing 930+ miles. The Peak Tours route looks OK and works out at about 960 miles. My route was about 990 - link - but solo and self-supported (B&Bs, friends and hostels), finishing off by a ferry to Orkney, another ferry back to Aberdeen overnight and then a flight (with bike newly boxed) down to Heathrow. The Delloite end-to-end soi disant Race Across Britain route is this (depends on rugby clubs for camping in large numbers) - about 960 miles.
  5. OP

    EasyRider76 Regular

    The only reason I was thinking of 10 days was because Peak Tours offer the 10 day option and the mileage looked OK - will look into exactly what route that is, as you say I would rather do a better route for the sake of a few days.
  6. stelencro

    stelencro Regular

    I did the LEJOG,Chan to the Med and Way of the Roses with PeakTours. Superb, can't fault them.
  7. Tenacious Sloth

    Tenacious Sloth Über Member

    Huntingdon, UK
    I did the 14 day LEJOG with Peak Tours in May 2017.

    It was absolutely superb!

    The Peak Tours Guys can’t do enough for you, the organisation of each day was faultless.

    The route was also excellent with the vast majority of miles on very quiet roads.

    The advantage of the 14-day tour over the 10-day tour is that it gives you more time in the bar each evening.

  8. ady22

    ady22 New Member

    June 2018 - My brother and I caught the train down to Penzance. We took part in the 14 day tour LEJOG which was organised by Peak Tours from Glossop in Derbyshire. All I can say is this, if you are thinking of doing LEJOG, then they are the people to approach! 10/10 they took our bags to the next place we was staying every-day. There was a briefing each morning, tea van twice a day, with lots of goodies to boost energy levels. Bike repairs, banter, meals (except your evening meals) They were absolutely fantastic! We made lots of friends and took many memorable pictures. Nothing was too much for them, they bent over backwards to help. Miss you guys Dave, Jim and Julie xxx p.s the kisses are for Julie! :sun:
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