Pearson Touche


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Bromley, Kent
Nice looking bike there jash


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simonali said:
Me too.

Is that valve cap on the rear wheel from the posh bike? ;)
Might be! Wouldn't mind some more red ones actually, I'm becoming rather obsessed with the Prince's colour scheme - it's now sporting White brake hoods and re bar tape...

As for the Touche - lovely lovely ride. Utterly different to my other bikes and I'm very pleased. It's my first foray into singlespeed/fixed and I love the simplicity of it. The spokes aren't that chunky, I think it's the flash reflecting off them that makes 'em look thicker. Anyway, if anyone is in the market for a SS/Fixed, I can recommend the Pearson. Only slight niggle is those deep V's are a pig in the wind, I honestly don't know how folk on lightweight racers with deep rims cope. I was getting blown all over the place last night, and the Pearson isn't all that light. It's not much fun in tight traffic...
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