Pedal advice please?


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Ipswich, Suffolk
I've just run with clipless pedals on my fixie for the first time. they were on my normal road bike, but I swaped them over to see what it's like... I'm not changing back. it's a much more secure ride with clipless.

I use shimano double sided SPD, the cheapy bullet proof ones... I like them as they are pretty easy to clip in/out of. which is handy when you're a bit clumsy like me!


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Always clipless on my fixed. Used to use SPDs - now use SPD SL and have no trouble at all - though strangely I have found that 105 ones are easier on the fixed than ultegra - i think because they hang slightly better - probably the inferior bearings cause less swing so it is less likely that they will flip over when trying to clip in. I have considerably more trouble with the ultegra pedals on my road bike
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