Pedal dust cap 1966 Armstrong

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Does anyone know where to purchase a dust cap for this pedal? The inside of the cap is 7/8” ID. There are no threads, it presses on to the other side. Only need one. Was doing restoration and this was missing. any info or possible substitutions appreciated.
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That's a bit of a long shot. Maybe someone on here has one so put an ad in Vintage section when you can. Otherwise it will be a case of looking for a pedal or pair on eBay NOS or old which might not be cheap.
Alternatively look for a donor bike which might be the best idea. Bit OTT but could yield other useful stuff
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A candidate for one off 3d printing?

Actually it might be a bit pricey to do a one-off. And you'd have to learn how to create a design file, or find someone who knows how to do it - although it should be quite a simple one. So maybe that's not such a clever suggestion after all.


Ah, see the pictures now. Might have to buy a set of old Phillips / Raleigh pedals if nobody has any hanging around.
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