Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Young Un, 11 Jun 2008.

  1. Young Un

    Young Un New Member

    two things:

    1.will these fit with these:

    2. do the pedals come with cleats or do they have to be bought seperately?
  2. They'll fit and yes most pedals come with cleats.
  3. Joe24

    Joe24 More serious cyclist than Bonj

    I think those pedals are cheaper from Ribble.
    EDIT: Yep, they are. Here.
  4. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    I'm slightly confused. Why are the shoes called mtb pedal compatible if they're compatible with racing shoes?
  5. John the Monkey

    John the Monkey Frivolous Cyclist

    If they're like my R075s, it'll be because you can mount two bolt SPD cleats on them as well as three bolt road cleats.
  6. Joe24

    Joe24 More serious cyclist than Bonj

    They are compatible by the way. I have those shoes. They arent bad. They have got some flex in now though, but that could be how i ride.
    They are MTB pedal compatible because they also have the bolt holes for the 2 bolt cleats that MTB pedals use. They also have the 3 seperate holes for race pedal cleats.
    Oh, you might find the Shimano cleat screws arent long enough. You do have to use the metal square or you will loose the screws and the cleats will come loose. I had to use the bolts from my Look Keos to get the cleats to hold right.
  7. All clip-in pedals come with cleats.
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