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i am looking for the best pedals for my bike...

i do NOT want clip in or spd just normal lightweight pedals




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Presumably his giant propel race bike. It needs Carbon clipless raid pedals I would think but he doesn't want them

Look at wellgo flat pedal range, presumably wiggle sell and give some idea of weight, they won't be as light as clipless ones though


I was right about that saddle
I rode in for 5 hilly miles on clip in pedals today but without road shoes and cleats (as I had left them at work).
It really hurts the feet! They were crappy moleskin boots I was wearing too.

So, to get some flat pedals can be a sensible option.
Another vote for Wellgo but not those MTB ones, they do a nice 'retro' road pedal that will take bolt-on toe clips/straps but they are good without and look the part (old school racing pedals)


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Wellgo flats here too... I have this type and I've never looked back.

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