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Pendleton Brooke Child Seat mounting?

Discussion in 'Family and Recreational Cycling' started by Mark1978, 22 Jul 2014.

  1. Mark1978

    Mark1978 Senior Member

    Downham Market

    Having recently brought a Pendleton Brooke hybrid bike for the missus, it's now become apparent that fitting a child seat to it is going to be a problem (and that Vicky P is obviously not a parent ;) ). The steerer tube is too short to mount the front mounting ones such as the BoBike and the downtube being sloped makes attaching the weeride style ones difficult too. Rear mounted ones are apparently a problem (according to the q+a section on the halford site) with pannier rack mounting being an issue due to them tilting forward. The only option I seem to have currently is a trailer which the missus isnt keen on.

    Has anyone got a Pendleton Brooke and knows of a child seat that actually fits?


  2. Carrie92

    Carrie92 New Member

    Hi Mark,
    Did you find a seat to fit in the end? I am having exactly the same problem, tried a Weeride and a rear seat with no joy. Very frustrating!

    Thanks, Carrie
  3. Mark1978

    Mark1978 Senior Member

    Downham Market
    Nope, ended up fitting a pannier and a seat to attach to that, which seems to be fine.