Penguin Cafe Orchestra

I think there are some fans here... there should be more though. anyway... there's 2 memorial gigs to mark the 10 years without Simon Jeffes. They're at the Union Chapel in Islington on the 11th & 12th of December.

I've got a CD of theirs. Some of the music is very good, but a lot of it is boring.
I bought Music for Helicopter Pilots, or whatever it's called, after seeing a juggler perform to it. I remembered it from a film (I can even picture the scene) but still can't remember which film it was.

Could have been Malcolm, an Aussie comedy made in the mid 80s. Innocent chap with penchant for wacky invention and a mild obsession with trams falls in with a bad crowd and uses his talents to rob a bank.

Harmless fun.

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