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Just thought I'd share this link from Sir Lancelot Armstrong:

people for bikes

"The goal of is to gather a million names of support, to speak with one powerful voice—to let policy makers, the media and the public know that bicycling is important and should be promoted."

It's a well designed site with a clear message!

Dear Internets,

can we have a UK specific version?
just jim

just jim

User said:
A bit like Sustrans or the Association of Cycle Traders deciding it'll do what the CTC already does.
That'll be the day!

That aside, and despite my failure to notice the crafty hand of the U.S bicycle industry, what I like is the scale of the ambition in a combined voice and being able to contribute quite easily.
I have some mixed feelings about the intentions - (potentially more paint on the road, perhaps more segregation) but in a more general sense; "we are here, we belong, these are our stories", I like.

The flipside is that Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders come up with something similiar:

"people for cars - uniting one million motoring voices"


London, GB
Hmm a Cycling organisation that actually selflessly speaks out for cyclists, that would be good :biggrin:

Ideally it could be represented by non-sports celebrities as well as ordinary people cycling.

So far it looks like Rupert Murdoch is our most plausible ally ( :rofl:
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