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So I'm looking for the CC collective to post some performance poetry of their liking.
My preference is for something comedic.
I'm a fan of the likes of in no particular order.....

John Hegley,
Ian McMillan,
Hovis Presley,
Tim Key,
John Cooper Clarke,
Roger McGough,
Simon Munnery.

Post some favourites,

I'll do the same.

Have this for now from Hovis.....


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I don't really like Larkin the man but I love his poetry. It's not really performance poetry but here's a clip from 1964 of him reading one of my favourites:


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Luke Wright is my favourite, though my knowledge is pretty limited. I saw him supporting John Cooper Clarke, and he was very good and very funny.


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Mik Artistik tends to do songs, but they're preceded with lots and lots of rambling monologues, backed with gorgeous meandering melodies that have a strangely calming effect on his ranting... it is poetry.

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Kate Tempest.

Check out

Here's a sample:

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