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I've got this photo from the 1880's


It is a very early example of branded sports clothing. Fred Wood lived locally, the old Corah works are next door to Cyclemagic and I have had a copy of the suit made.:smile:

I'd like to remove the number printed on the picture and try to lighten it a bit, too. Is this possible?

The image location is


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Hello Hilldodger.

Well, I could do it for you from your web image, and repost it so you could download it from my picture place. (10 minutes).

Or, if you want to do it yourself...

Obliterating is easy.
Find the Clone Stamp Tool on the toolbar.
Usually bottom left, three up, looks a bit like an old-fashioned office stamp.
First increase the size of your image: blow it up using the + tool.

Then click on the Clone Stamp Tool.

Then hold Option key down and click half an inch or so away from the thing you want to obliterate, i.e. the figures.

This tells the machine what to copy FROM.

Then move cursor over to the image you want to obliterate and click again WITHOUT the option key pressed.

The cursor changes from a 'target' to a simple circle. You might need to change the 'brush' size, which is usually at the top of the screen.

Clicking on top of the numbers will copy what you chose with the OPTION key pressed and put it on TOP of the numbers.

Every so often, option click again to change what you're putting on top.

Make a copy of your image FIRST, so you've got one good one in case you screw it up.

Lightening the image is easier:

Top line: Enhance
Pull down to Adjust Brightness Contrast.
Play with sliders
Take 'preview' off and on to see effect.
OK when finished.


I'm quite happy to do it unless you want to spend a bit of time playing; also, Photoshop versions might differ a bit - mine is Photoshop Elements, and I'm working on an Apple iMac.

Let me know if you need further clues.

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