* Ping 515mm


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This is the first time I have done this, so excuse my temeritea.;)

It seems to me that you should be invited into the Tea? thread.
I would like to know what 515mm refers to, and I would also like to know what you look like wearing a tea cosy - I refer of course to your signature.

You are obviously very polite, I have read your recent exchanges with a certain person with a preference for pachyderms, about horses. I think you might enjoy a visit to Tea, then when you made tea late at night, you could share it with me us. :biggrin:


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Uh oh, she's on the pull again! ;)
Speicher said:
Lardyboy, I now have cognisance of your entering Tea? and not declaring your presence. Can I surmise that you are a Co**ee drinker?:biggrin:

You surmise correctly Speicher, a coffee drinker I am, have drunk too much of it today, couldn't get to sleep and here I am at this god forsaken hour!

As for tea, it has been known for me to partake in the odd darjeeling but I mostly stay away from the "leaf". :biggrin:
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