*ping* allotment holders


Suggestions please for next years fruit and veg, bear in mind that there are just 2 of us to feed...
I popped my cherry this year and made the decision not to overdo it with trying to grow too much and over-face myself. Spuds, peas and beetroot were essential and anything else that got planted was a bonus. I was lucky in having a fair few fruiting things already there.

Things I wished I'd grown were onions and sunflowers. Got a much bigger list this year, and a helper.

Have fun!

Wonder how Radger got on seeing as it was four years ago she asked.

rich p

ridiculous old lush
I'd suggest starting with stuff with a fairly good guarantee of success.

Spuds, broad beans, runner or french beans, garlic, raspberries, blackcurrants for a start
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