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RMAS is definitely not part of the Defence Academy (at least according to that body's website www.da.mod.uk).

RMAS is effectively an Army unit although its role is clearly to train officers. I'm afraid I haven't a clue whether or not it answers to the training and recruitment agency.

Your PFI PPI paragraph has thrown me, I'm afraid. The best suggestion I can make is that you get on the blower to the MOD and ask to speak to somebody who is responsible for officer recruitment. Tell whoever you get hold of that you are after an ORBAT (a sort of wire diagram) which shows where RMAS fits into the MOD structure. I'd be very surprised if that wasn't readily available as something which can be emailed to you as every bit of the Army is able to brief on its establishment. You could even try RMAS itself as they would be bound to have such an ORBAT.

Sorry to not be of more use.
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