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London is overrun with elephants - over 200 of them on the loose...
Can you sit on them? 'Not on your Nelly'! :laugh:


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Tusk, tusk, better stick to the trunk routes?
I hope you are busy videoing them gaz- Leicester Square is deep in fibreglass dung now...:laugh:
Seems like a nice idea doesn't it - elephant presence. Last week, all the political pundits were talking about 'the elephant in the room' :biggrin: - at least there is 'the elephant in the street' now...competing with 'the man on the Clapham Omnibus', maybe..?:smile:

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Any going spare for my neck of the woods? :smile:


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Arch said:
Cute! Are they a charity thing, like the Norwich ones were?

They are indeed, there is (IIRC) a number on them, text it to donate some money to save the asian elephant,

They dont need saving, i mean there are 200 running a muck in london!
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