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BM, was just wondering, with a recent bit of helmet debating etc, why you wear a cycle helmet when you are skating? I've been thinking about it and it doesn't make sense, especially when married to your anti-helmet stance.

The most common head impact from bicycle fall is the temple and sides of the head at temple height, the most common skating fall is the back of the head - an area given exceedingly little protection from a bicycle helmet, as it is extremely rare for it to be hit in a fall.

How come you don't wear a skate, "piss-pot" style helmet, which comes down over the back of your head?
I think you have your wooden spoon out Jacomus!

I should add I do wear a helmet. I understand the debate and I know that in certain circumstances wearing a helmet can increase the severity of injury (rotational injuries). However, I still wear it. Probably just to stop drivers having something else to moan about!:sad:


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It's a good question. There are a couple of reasons really. The main one is that the instructor association I'm qualified with was originally American and insists on helmets. Need I say more? The next is that falls off skates often result in road rash and I don't mind the idea of the helmet stopping some. Falls off skates happen much more often than off bikes. When I'm skating for myself, i.e. not teaching, I'll often not wear a helmet.

If I'm going to have a fall that causes a serious head injury, I doubt either a cycling helmet or a pisspot helmet would do much to help. Falling backwards is the most common type of skating fall, but it's also mostly confined to beginners who don't bend their knees enough and fall the most often. Most of my falls have been rolling tumbling ones at speed, so I think the risk of hitting the back of my head is fairly low.
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