Ping Cathryn

Just to wish the two of you a great trip on the sub-continent.
I look forward to reading your account of the ride as and when you have time, and looking at some piccies, of course.
Make a note of some good recipes - edible ones, that is.

Good luck,
Dayvo - only slightly envious! :biggrin: :ohmy:


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Hear hear!
Good luck and have fun, and if luck or fun are absent at any point just grit your teeth and pedal on for the sake of the adventure. :ohmy:


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I've never been pinged before, and what lovely notes from you all. I'm really touched. Thank you!!

Thanks to everyone for your advice on all the random thoughts I've posted recently in preparation for the trip...really grateful for your advice!!!

Looking forward to telling you all about it when I get back.



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Have a fantastic trip!:ohmy::becool::biggrin:


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Thanks everyone for being so sweet.

Yes I'm going to try and keep up a blog whilst I'm away although I have no idea how easily I'll access the internet, and will probably write it up properly when I get back to make the joy of holidays last a bit longer. But the blog will be here if you fancy keeping an eye out for tales of Delhi Belly!!!

Off to pack...see you when I get back

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