Ping tdr1nka!!


Rider of Seolferwulf
South London
I think I saw you this morning, mate. It would have been about 11:40 or so, you were eastbound on the A202 between Camberwell and Peckham on the bit they've resurfaced that used to be so bouncy.

I did yell out, but there was too much traffic, and I only caught a glimpse of someone on a trike.


Taking the biscuit
Dang and hooray!

It wasn't me, but there are others out there!
I did take the KMX for a tiny blat this evening tho, I'm away for Christmas tomorrow for 2 weeks and can't take it with me *sniff*.

Still, keep calling out one day it'll be me!

Stay Safe,

T x


Taking the biscuit
P.S. Hadn't seen the new road surface until Saturday night, I have a run from New cross to Waterloo at about 10 tomorrow morning I might run the KMX via Camberwell to try out the new road! No more bus ruts!

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