Ping Yorkshireman


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What has happened to Yorkshireman:?: He used to pop up all over the place spreading peace and goodwill, but has not posted on here for 6 weeks now:sad:
I think of him as a sort of Dag Hammarskjold of the cycling fora.:rolleyes:

hehe. The younger posters now go Googling Dag Hammarskjold)))


I'm a yorkshireman but I was wondering where the Yorkshireman was and how he was too. No idea about Dag hammerthrower though.:rolleyes:

Isn't yorkshireman a funny word when you type it out three times?
Bin a bit busy lately (mostly cycling related :biggrin:), plus the old lungs took a turn for the worse ... getting better now though ... Ah've been watching now and agen though. Ahm feeling a bit touched that ah wer missed ... :rolleyes:
If I can get a bit fitter (than I am just now) I might try to do another of the local cycle rides in photo's (and a few words) on my website thingy before Christmas :rolleyes:.
Doing my best snorri :rolleyes: ... Just got in from a bit of a ride around, don't think I got above 12mph but spent a pleasant 4hrs pottering and wheezing about and feel a bit better for it :rolleyes:.


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I'm not sue Yorkshireman is alive any more. No one seems to have heard from him for some years now.
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