Pinging BentMikey........


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I'm sorry, am I missing something, what is the point of this post?
I think Terminator is just spreading the love! :blush:

I think Mike has just moved house and has limited connectivity at the moment. I'm sure he will return to argue, debate with you soon. :smile:


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Terminator said:
Yes I knew he had moved.That is the point of my post.

Sorry Terminator, thought you'd just decided to Brown nose BM for no reason.

I moved house 2 weeks ago and I do feel sorry for you Mikey. I moved from South Yorkshire to North Wales. What about you Mikey.

Sorry again Terminator


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Cheers guys! I'm alive, but only just thanks to a cold and fever. I'm back online with dialup now, that'll do till they manage to sort me out with some broadband.
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