*Pingu* Bollo

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You, you, you, perp

Use inna the shitty deep, Uncle Gregor he see you on da tv today,playing bongos, sell the shoklatte, so Uncle Antonio, he drive to the studio of tv, he wait outside with baseball bat, he gonna smacker your bicyclette for two built and cracker you one or two.
He a v v good man, maybe bit oval weight, so you not run to fast eh ?
I no want Uncle Antonio to have attacking of the heart. He gonna try to fix my bicyclette after you do the vandalisitation to it.

you do da crime, you pays da price


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Stavros can I hire Uncle Antonio to visit a particular chav driven Renault Clio that tried to squeeze me off the road earlier? Assuming he's not keeping his head down after whacking Bollo of course.
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