pinnacle bikes opinion please


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Hello all

Ride to work is here again, and while I've loved my hybrid I want something with more pace and versatility. I'm a bit stuck on budget with a baby on the way so need one bike to do all. As a result I'm thinking of a cross bike with a second set of wheels with 28's on for road use.

The Pinnacle Expede 0.0 looks like a lot of bike for the money. Sora on the front, Tiagra on the back, triple chainset, carbon fork all for £650. It's a lotta bike for the money.

But the big question, is it any good?


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Alun of this parish has exactly this bike if I'm not mistaken. He and I just took it and my scruffy MTB across Scotland and it was great save for a dud front derailleur. He'll advise.
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