Placenames Revisited.

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I just remembered that when I was living near Mönchengladbach there was a village called Pongs. And just down the road from here there's a place called Titisee but it would be juvenile to mention that.


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Bourne End, UK
I recall swimming in Titisee with my son, we both found it quite amusing. His excuse was that he was 10, I don't have one.
I never grow tired of this I'll post my nearest funny placenames:
Willey, Leics (about 5 miles from here)
Bell End, Worcs (I used to mtb through here)
Twatt, Orkney (when we had this thread on singletrack a fewyears ago I discovered this place - it's not far from somewhere called 'burnt mound')
and so on...


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My sister in law lives near the Tit's a bit hilly though...when I was there last time it was also bloody freezing. :blush:


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Ugley and Nasty. Our local CTC has an Audax they call 'The Ugley Nasty Ride' as it goes through these places.

There's also a part of Falkirk that has the somewhat confrontational postcode of FK2 0FF!


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In eastern Cornwall there is a place called Botus Fleming which always sounds like a respiratory disease to me!

Lickey End near Bromsgrove never fails to raise a smile either.


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Uncle Mort said:
This site lets you insert your postcode and find the daftest place names in your vicinity, even including multimaps so you can get to them easily - essential reading !

That is good.

Near me are:

Druggers End
Wyre Piddle
Piddle Brook
Bullyhole Bottom
Box Tunnel
Booby Dingle
Wet Pits
and the aforementioned Lickey End

For my parents postcode in deepest darkest devon:

Lower Piles
Bush Down
Brown Willy
Atshaton Wood
Lickham Bottom
Dead Cow Point
Clitsome Farm
Burnt Bottom

I have actually visited/ travelled through Druggers End, Wyre Piddle, Lickey End and Crapstone - so it looks like I have some travelling to do.

Oh and travelling into Cheltenham to go to work I sometimes go via Uckington - which isn't very funny except people keep adding an F to the front on the road sign.
Oh my word I'm in heaven. My postcode is close to:

Bishops Itchington
Foul End
Butthole Lane
Titty Ho
Dogpool Lane
Grimpits Lane
Pestilence Lane
Lickey End

Now I'm thinking of devising a cycle tour based on the above...


The A303 is a great source of signposts to strangely-named places. It's a road I've been travelling for 28 years, so I never forget some of the treats I've seen, which include:
Queen Camel

Then there's a place nearish Exeter called Dog Village which I once visited having failed to get out of Exeter on the right road. This makes me laugh, anyway

If you like stupid place names, I recommend this book
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