Planet X Carnac Helmets


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Yes, better than my Giro Foray

footloose crow

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I have one too. Not as good as my Specialised helmet in terms of cradle and adjuster. Felt like a cheaper and less secure version. Helmet itself is fine - I can see no difference. All helmets seem to have a different sized head in mind when they are designed so some fit me better than others. Like all internet purchases you just have to try it and see.


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Should be fine as long as it fits your head well and comfortably, you can only order and try (if no good, you’ll need to pay to return as well as for delivery).
I can’t imagine they are as well constructed or ventilated as a more costly helmet.
There are a couple of reviews on the website.
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I've got 2 of these, different colours so I can colour co-ordinate with what bike I use when I have to wear a helmet. They are excellent value!


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I had a Carnac Notus and it was great, bit on the warm side so could possibly do with more vents and it held together when I headbutted (and smashed) the rear window of a car. Would buy again!


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I have one with the led in the back, not quite as good as my Specialized Echelon but a lot less ‘mushroom’ looking.
Nice helmets and well worth the money.


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Good value, happy enough with mine. I bought an aero one which is good for keeping the head warm and the rain out :-) and a TT one which actually bought me a few seconds. Don't think they have MIPS if that matters to you.

Tom B

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I bought some from the other ranges for the nephews. Found that plastics had a lot of sharp or unpleasant edges and burrs. 5mins with some fine emry cloth sorted that. But the finish is where the money has been saved.


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I bought one but it doesn't fit my head. The circumference of the helmet matches my head but there's not enough space lengthwise and it's to wide. So I can't wear it. Returning makes no sense as I would pay more for postage.
I'll return to Bell helmets which do fit.
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