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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by simmo3801, 4 Nov 2007.

  1. simmo3801

    simmo3801 New Member

    I've posted this on a few forums now but haven't had any replies so apologies if you've read it before....

    Does anyone know where I can view a review of Planet Xs pro carbon bikes. They're knocking out full ultegra carbon bikes for £999. Call me a cynic but I'm wondering what the catch is. Is the carbon of a decent quality? I know they say they buy in bulk to keep prices down but was wondering what your thoughts were?
    I know a few people on here have bought them so what do you think of the ride / quality?
  2. Ive built up a high end non carbon frame and yer it was a good frame no need to do any facing as it was all done. The frame looked like a 05 marin highway one to me?. The guy i built it for has had on problems with it so im thinking all is ok.
  3. giant man

    giant man New Member

    Essex innit?
    There is no catch, why should there be simmo? Just good value bike for the money. Carbon frames come in all manner of qualities and prices, so you get the likes of Ribble, Pedalforce and Planet X all doing cheaper carbon offerings. The beauty of the Planet X ones is you get one complete built up bike at a nice round price, plus the attraction of dealing with a smaller company than some others. In my book, you can't go wrong for a grand.
  4. thejonesy

    thejonesy New Member

    In a house
    Hi Simmo,
    I've been running a Procarbon PX for about 6 months now and really can't fault it, it's light, comfortable and stiff (ooerr!), the only thing I'd be looking to swap in the near future is the wheels, as I think the frame deserves better. I thought when I bought it with 105 groupset it was a bargain, but with Ultegra, wow! The only thing I took a chance with was the sizing, but PX were great with the advice and I think they will swap bits until the size is right for you, still not as good as going to a LBS and sitting on a bike or going for a test ride.
  5. Membrane

    Membrane New Member

    Theer are other similar deals like the 2008 Focus Cayo's from Wiggle, carbon frame and fork with Ultegra Ice for £999 (they were £899 a short while ago).
  6. got-to-get-fit

    got-to-get-fit New Member

    Yarm, Cleveland
    I got a full carbon Biannchi 928 for £999.00 with 105 and its an absolute beauty....Hargroves cycles. Go to there web site as they stilll have a 55cm one left. Its fantastic value for money and rides like a howling Banshee
  7. OP

    simmo3801 New Member

    Ok thanks everyone for your comments and advice. I've emailed planet x for sizing advice and to see if there's anywhere near Edinburgh where I can see/try one for size. Next stop bike4work forms
  8. Scoosh

    Scoosh Velocouchiste Moderator

    simmo3801 - Sandy Wallace cycles in Inverkeithing do Planet X.

    I was over there a few weeks ago and sat on one; very, very tempting (but will have to wait till the house extension building works are done :smile:) Staff seemed really nice, and they will put you on a frame and measure you up properly too, apparently. I think they were featured Shop of the Month in C+ in about Aug/Sep.

    Let us know how you get on.

    My question for every/any-one is this:
    - are bikes like the PlanetX, Focus Cayo, Ribble etc aimed at the racing cyclist or are they suitable for someone who likes longer rides (100 miles) sportifs etc ? In other words, are they comfortable for a day-length ride, are they a slightly 'relaxed' position or are they full-on racing machines for the casual/club rider ?

    Any experiences/comments/advice gratefully read (and hopefully NOT ignored !) :blush:

    Tks all.

  9. Scoosh

    Scoosh Velocouchiste Moderator

    ... we're still waiting for the full report/photos etc :smile::sad:

  10. walker

    walker New Member

    Bromley, Kent
    I bought one of these Simmo, So far I can't say its a bad buy. It's stiff where it needs to be and is very light for the price you pay. As said before the wheels are good but need an upgrade to Great wheels.
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