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I've been day-dreaming about my perfect stable of bikes recently and thought I'd get some feedback on the potentials from you lot. The idea being to cover a number of uses from practical to fun (but generally more on the practical side). I want to keep maintenance to a minimum in most cases and quality and durability to a maximum. Plans so far:

Brompton M6R - Folding bike / city & multi modal tourer - already own.

Surly Big Dummy with Nuvinci 360 hub - Big practical bike, suitable for toddler transport (when I have those) and haulage.

Cheviot SE - European road tourer, and quick enough for audax (I suspect).

Roberts Roughstuff with Rohloff - Expedition / tourer

Velotechnik Recumbent or Recumbent Trike - Bit of fun, quick, comfortable and suitable for long day rides.

Old Refurbished Dawes Galaxy - Hack bike (current tourer until a Cheviot SE is bought)

EBS Mountain bike with lock-off front suspension - Fun mountain bike for basic trails and tracks.

I'm keen to keep things British made on the whole (don't know anything about British recumbents), and obviously touring is a big draw for me

style over speed

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nice collection, I think you need to add a dutch type bike in there or a pashley... I've been acquiring bikes which tend towards touring, as well, rather than riding fast; 2 surly LHTs, a crosscheck and a dahon folder (which is hardly used). But its my 5 speed velorbis which is by far the nicest to ride.


Nice list.

I have had no thoughts of N+1 for a while now, as the ones I have already (20 year old Giant Coldrock clunker, Giant Talon 3 MTB, Spesh Secteur Sport roadie and Spesh Tricross cyclo-x) cover all the riding I'm doing at the moment.

In an ideal world, I'd add a tourer (Surly LHT?), a folder (also a Brompton but I think the S rather than the M) and a 'bent (Catrike Expedition or Musashi) but I'm happy enough to stick with N.

For now. :smile:
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