plastic and rubber gear/brake bits - help please

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I'm fitting some new gear and brake cables and outers and new 105 shifters, all of which came with the groupset. Included are these items - 3 of the soft rubber ones (top of 1st picture) and 2 of the plastic. Also included are 2 chrome gear outer ends.The cable routing on the shifters is hidden under the bar tape. The gear cable outers came pre-fitted with a normal black plastic endcap on one end.
Any idea where they go?



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Only place I seen one like the lower in the first pic is on some Sora shifters (where the cable goes in to the shifter) but that's an external rather than an internal cable run.
I think sometimes the cable sets include all the end bits for all the different shifter models and you are not expected to use them all.


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The part with the narrow pointy Bit goes onto the rear mech cable, part that attaches to the frame. The thick rubber bit goes over the pointy bit to protect from water etc.

Ill try to find a pic.
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