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    To give our members a quick overview of your event, ALL of the following information must be completed and posted at the top of your ride or event announcement as set out here (you can remove the square brackets if you need to and if you need clarification, just look at some of the charity ride threads in the top of the forum):

    Event title: *
    Event date/s: *
    Event location: *
    Event organiser: [ Company name / charity name / individual’s name ]
    Your relationship: [ Promoter or organiser / charity rep / CycleChat member passing on info ]
    Cost of entry: [ Cost per person / web link to price guide ]
    Minimum sponsorship: [ £ minimum (where applicable) / no minimum ]
    Beneficiary: [ Charity or organisation that benefits from the money raised ]
    Event link: [ URL to event web site (if applicable) ]

    Your event details can follow on below.

    You may include a link to your donation web page in your annoucement and in your signature, but please do not post it in other parts of the site.

    Please don't bump your charity ride threads.

    Many thanks,
    Shaun :biggrin:
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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