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PLEASE READ before posting

Discussion in 'Member's Travelogues' started by Shaun, 8 Jul 2012.

  1. Shaun

    Shaun Founder Staff Member

    Member's Travelogues is intended as forum for longer written articles about rides, tours or cycling holidays that you've undertaken.

    There's no strict requirement for a heavy cycling focus but your story should have more length and depth than the usual informal / conversational posts that you'd put up elsewhere on our forums.

    If you are re-posting a story from your blog please copy and paste the full text of the article here (as opposed to just offering a link).

    If your story is very long you may have to split it over several posts (if you need a hand with this just send me a PM).

    Shorter, casual posts will be moved to their respective forums. ;)

    Shaun :biggrin: