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Hello from Peru!
I'm raising money for The Mothers' Union and I'd really appreciate your support. I explained my reasons here:
I'm 10,000km into my South America ride now and going strong...
I recently visited several social outreach projects by AMA, the Peruvian equivalent of the Mother's Union in Lima. You can read about my experiences here:
People like my mum give their time to help others in their communities. Please consider either supporting them (donate) or joining them (become a member of the MU or perhaps some other kind of volunteer work).
It's easy to donate online with a credit or debit card - just go to my JustGiving page:
JustGiving sends your donation straight to The Mothers' Union and automatically reclaims Gift Aid on all eligible donations, so what you give is worth even more. I hope you'll join me in supporting The Mothers' Union.
Thank you.


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Your trip sounds amazing, you lucky thing, what a great opportunity. I suspect people may not sponsor you as we all get lots of similar requests and probably have our own causes that we support, but we'd all love to know more about your trip and how it's going!
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