Please vote: images or links

when should we use images rather than links?

  • as long as they are "work safe" (esp. in THAT thread)

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  • sometimes, to illustrate a point

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  • never, they clutter the place

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  • don't care in the slightest

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nothing in moderation
now we have a facility that C+ was lacking, do we want to have pics inserted into the threads when a weblink used to do?

if we run the poll for 14 days and there is a strong consensus one way or another, it might save endless new threads on the same topic.

never got this sort of democracy on C+ did we (never mind the other place) :blush:
I`d set the poll for 14 days - thinking that would be time enough to catch `late entries`, people on holiday, late arrivals etc.
I must first say that I started the topics to post pictures of your commuter bike and also fixed/singlespeed bikes.

I don't feel that posting these types picture should cause work safe issues. However if some picture are posted that are not appropiate then there is now enough moderators to take action on those.

I would rather look at members bikes on the page rather than having to keep on clicking on the links. Some of them you click on, you find require a membership to view and can get a bit frustrating.

I do understand there could be not work safe issues on topics like the lycra shorts. However members need to be mature/responsible and need to understand what is appropiate. A different management is needed to these types of topics than the picture of bikes topics. If member can't post appropiate picture/links then the moderators can then take any required action.

I must also support what alecstilleyedye has said, that it is good to have a democracy and to be able to debate these issues. The CycleChat forum must be congratulated for this.


I`d rather we stick with links the the forum doesn`t look to cluttered after all look what happened over at bikeradar it was just a little bit over the top.
graham56 said:
I`d rather we stick with links the the forum doesn`t look to cluttered after all look what happened over at bikeradar it was just a little bit over the top.

Ah! But that was a bit of `over-enthusiastic` use in the sig. department by a small number of posters and the mods don`t know how to turn off the BBCode in the sigs - so the lot had to go (according to the mod spokesman over there) :blush: .
happy to see pictures on the threads of work safe stuff.

for the none work safe stuff then i think a link is more appropraite. i think it will only be an issue if people start to post none work safe pictures in what appear to be innocent threads

after all i like smut just as much as the next man or woman but i like to know it's on the way :blush: and i stear clear of the 'threads' at lunch time when i'm eating a sandwich with collegues milling around behind me



Erm, sorry everyone, I've sort of spoil the party a bit with this vote/thread.

I've taken the decision to remove the in-line image facility and instead ask that people link to their images.

The main reason for this is to keep CycleChat Work Safe.

I've edited the existing posts with images in them, and converted them to links.

Sorry if it seems like I'm a bit of a spoiler, but I think it's best.



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I think we should be allowed to have html enabled and post pics freely. This is the case on 'my' other forum and we NEVER have any issue with idiots posting porn etc because it is a self policed community. However I notice the poll is in favour of limiting the lycra thread at least to loinks which makes sense I suppose from a work point of view.

We had some real fun with the html codes...posting all sorts of stuff...we even produced an on line thread song by each poster posting a diferent musical track up in his post playing along to th eprevious that as the thread progressed the song progressed until by the end of the thread simply clicking on the thread title triggered the completed song...very cool.....we also were able to do audio threads where instead of typng to each other we could poist up audio files and talk to each other....which was fun...although pointless in this time of webcams and msn etc. :blush:

In four years on that board I have never once seen a pic posted that was unsuitable for kids or the workplace.

I suppose the reason is that it is a close community and not just a board....I think this place is on the way to becoming a community as well
and the consultative approach adopted by admin so far is really cool.

Ok...'nuff waffle...I say allow pics and html ...but run with the poll results. :rolleyes: :thumbsup:


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The trouble with "self policing" is that different people have different ideas about what is work safe. And different work places have different ideas about levels of acceptability.
I've been caught out before on other forums by threads that insisted that they were work safe but turned out not to be.

I am able to get some forums at work, whilst others are blocked.
So, keep up the amusing smut - I'm all for it! But don't drop me in it at work please.



I take on board what you've said, and agree that most of the time it wouldn't be a problem. I personally enjoy seeing other peoples bikes and touring pics, etc.

Unfortunately though, because users can self-approve their registration at CycleChat, there's nothing to stop someone posting something horribly offensive and it being automatically displayed on the board for a while.

By disabling the in-line image capability, we negate that happening. Combined with a flagging facility (hopefully installed soon) to warn mods/admins about dodgy image links, I think we have the best compromise for now.

In the future there may be software upgrades that allow mods/admin to approve images before they are displayed. I'd happlity reinstate images if that feature came along. :blush:

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