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Hi Shaun

For some reason - my messages - the bulk of the more recent ones are listed as new - is there any way to check them off as read?

I'm also having a secondary problem in that the message allowance has shrunk to a meagre 50 messages- which is a bit tiny! Is this actually the allowance now or is that an error?

Well done on migrating the site over -this is no easy feat with holding down a dayjob and thank you!


The messages are marked as unread upon import because when it welds them together into conversations it isn't able to mark the conversation as read.

If you go to the main message page you should get a list of all your conversations. Just tick the tick box at the top of the column to mark them all, then scroll down to the bottom and select Mark as read then click the button - that should update them all to read.

Also, I hadn't realised I'd only allowed for 50 messages to be stored, so I've updated it to 250.

Shaun :biggrin:
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