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Does anyone have any good recommendations? I tried some years ago and they were completely pony. I've had some better experiences recently (Science with Dr Karl from radio 5 and Friday night comedy from radio 4) but they still seem to be pretty patchy.
I'd be interested in this too, if you don't mind me adding my thruppence. ;)

I subscribed to a web design podcast for a time, but as the weeks went by, it seemed either to repeat subjects or to talk about stuff that was way over my head. Surely there must be some good podcasts out there?


Russell Howard and Jon Richardson off 6 Music is usually good for a laugh. Nice and short, too. I also download the Russell Brand one. I know he's a bit 'marmite', but I find the radio show hilarious.

For gadgety fings the stuff.tv one are alright. They do video and an MP3 versions.

Radiohead have recently released a video podcast (basically a bunch of music videos) if you like that particular band. Get it on iTunes.

I don't really subscribe to any more!
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