Police "attack" 'Critical Mass' ride at Olympics

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London police have used pepper spray against a “Critical Mass” cycle ride as the British capital holds the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Games. “Large number of people” arrested said a police tweet.

"A number of people in breach of regulations imposed on a monthly cycling event have been arrested," a spokesman for Scotland Yard said.

According to some reports at least 50 people have been detained and their bicycles loaded onto special buses parked nearby.

Critical Mass is a cycling event typically held on the last Friday of every month all around the world. Earlier there have been calls on the Internet to stage the London ride on July 27 as an anti-Olympics protest.

Scuffles occurred near the Olympic Stadium on the outskirts of the Olympic Park with participants saying they were being “kettled”. Some witnesses said police pushed the cyclists aside to get David Beckham through traffic.
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Bikes allowed on buses ?
Is this Boris's latest idea ???
Critical Mass remind me a little of the die-hard Cornish Nationalists one reads about from time to time.

They take themselves immensely seriously, but nobody else does.

Whilst the outward appearance they give is one of being jolly cross about all the kettling, heavy-handed policing and arrests, I have a sneaky feeling that many of them are enjoying the frisson of actually being noticed by the authorities.

Even the pathalogically silly have a need to feel cross about things.

I can't tell you how cross that makes me.....
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