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It seems that everyone knows not to wear the maillot jaune on the roads at the moment, but no one seems to avoid the maillot a pois - certainly not the chap riding through the Test Valley this afternoon. I say riding, I mean pushing up the hill and looking slightly sorry for himself. Not so his buddy, a fair way further up who was wearing green and grinning broadly.

Maybe they should've swapped?
I say riding, I mean pushing up the hill and looking slightly sorry for himself.

This is th eonly reason I haven't bought one to date. If my attempt to train more consistently and drop some body weight works out I might get to the point where I could wear one but I'm not holding my beath. The Kellogs pop tarts sponsorship some years ago when I could climb moderately well put me off too :biggrin:


Apparently the most popular size sold for the polka dot jersey is XL.

Though I would admit that I could only wear one ironically.


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I've got an XXL polka dot jersey. I'm going to wear it on the Big G ride on Saturday.

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Living near to Glasgow, I'd LOVE to get a green one, but I'm afraid I'd get myself lynched by some Rangers fans/knuckle draggers.
The Yellow one would be nice, but I feel I could only wear one if I was actually remotely good at cycling.

....So, it comes down to the Polkadot top which seems like the best of the lot and there are plenty of hills in my local area, except that I think I'd look like a right twat with it on, so I'll stick to other tops instead thanks!

Also, I'm a MEDIUM, NOT an XL!!
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