Poll - what would you rather lose?

You're walking along and something falls out of your pocket - What would you rather lose?

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Smutmaster General
e.g. I'd rather lose my hearing than my sight (fits to Simon & Garfunky :biggrin:)
I'd rather lose a leg than an arm (actually no...er...can I keep them both please?)
I'd rather lose my house than my kids
I'd rather lose my left kidney than my right one (:o)
I'd rather lose my mtb than my road bike
[edit...Duhh...just seen the poll at the top...]
I'd like to keep all said other items and just lose 'other'! :ohmy:


I went for the knife as I do have a few of those lying about in drawers and tool boxes and not too many of the others. (Especially the phone numbers :ohmy:.)
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