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Over the last month or so I have started to suffer blanket weed again,This is something I haven't suffered for a number of years since adding an ultra violet light to the system and introducing various carp (including grass carp) to the pond. The carp were taken last year by a Heron and as they destroyed any sign of life in the pond (originally a wild life pond) I only reintroduced a few Goldfish, The plants came back last year to the point I have to drag them out now and again but should blanket weed come back if the ultra violet light is working ? The bulb was replaced in February and was working but it is a bit of a rigmarole to re-test with out damaging Mrs Badgers plants. Do chemical treatments work OK ?

Thanks everyone.


I had it in my wildlife pond at home, the work pond is clear.

I simply pulled most of it out with a cane and added a blanket weed treatment, all gone now.
I treat both for algae as both are just ponds with no pumps or filters.
I use a barely straw bale too.
My home pond is crystle clear
Work pond has fish and this causes more problems but its now permanently netted.
Mallards herons and cats.. I may build a net frame in time so the plants can grow better.
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When I started to read the post my first thought was "grass carp".
I had a big problem with blanket weed, introduced 2 G Carp and in no time it had all gone.
Re Herons. I stuck 6 green plant sticks around the pond then tied fishing line around them (3 lines) then criss crossed across the top. It is not as intrusive as netting but does the job.
Hope this helps.
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