Poor man's MSR Hubba Hubba


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I've just treated myself to this https://www.decathlon.co.uk/quickhiker-ultralight-2-hiking-tent-2-man-grey-id_8245650.html as my old tent has seen better days.

As the title suggests it has similarities to the MSR but I doubt it's as well made.

Looking back at it, a strong fa*t looks like it might blow it over though a lot of the reviews suggest otherwise.

Has anyone else got one or used one? Any experience of it? Any (sensible)! comments?

Thanks in advance.
I would suggest you post this over on the "touring and Expedition" forum. I think @jayclock has one but I would I would not swear to this.

leyton condor

I think you should take it out for a few nights and write us up a full review.
I am possibly in the market for one myself.
I have bought other decathlon goods (mainly clothing) and they do offer pretty good value for money.
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