Porlock Hill (North Devon)


Has anybody ever ridden up Porlock Hill in SOMERSET?!! Been there this weekend and only drove up it in the car :ohmy:. Had heard stories about it being "rather steep", but boy it is more than that!!

Ian H

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East Devon
Yes, and both the toll road alternatives.

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Craggy Island
I knew a guy who lived in Porlock once. All I remember was a place selling glass and other crafts at the marina type place and a nice little path eastwards back along to the main village. I don't remember any huge hills though.

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I thought it was Somerset?

I've not been up the big road hill but I have destroyed front MTB shocks coming down a track path the other side of the village. That was about six years ago and the shocks are still bust!

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Way back in the 60s, whilst on a family holiday, our car, a Ford Cortina, couldn't make it up that hill and overheated.

Why/how would anyone ride up it? Because it's there!?


We're going on a ride to Porlock in September. It's flexible: the hill's there for anyone who wants to climb it. Not me, I'll be putting in extra coffee shop time instead :hungry:
If you want a nice coffee shop to visit, with home made cakes, try the one at the top of the cliff railway in Lynton. I had the best Bakewell Tart I have ever tasted :highfive:
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