Possibility of replacing a cheap and nasty rear mech hanger?

I've found a couple of nice bike frames on the scrap heap that look like what I want, but both have those nasty rear mech hangers that are held on with the axle nut.

Is there a way of replacing these hangers so they are fixed to the frame??


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You mean with something like these?
Could get it brased on... :okay:



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Didn't realise he had your old bike.
Nah it's safely tucked upin the shed.
Many thanks for the replies. I'll have a look at the frames tomorrow if they haven't been scrapped and maybe take a couple of pics to see if people think they're worth the effort of fixing that problem, or if I should wait.

They get about 70 bikes coming through a month so it's probably a matter of time before something comes in that I can use.
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