Post a touring photo, no explanation needed. Just to help me dream. I’ll kick off.....


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This is when you wonder have i packed all the bits



Some more old himalayan photos, 1994 booked a tour of Kashmir and Ladakh. Flights to Dehli organised then India and Pakistan decided to fall out again over Kashmir, tour company cancelled and refunded money. We said paid for the flight and we are going on holiday, as we never had to pay for a tour we added Leh to Manali . Road from Shrinigar to Leh was under military control with a convoy system for the lorries supplying Ladakh. This was great for us as once the convoy hit the road we had no traffic until a convoy was on the return leg. One slight problem at every military checkpoint we had tea with the officers, usual where are you going to but it was mostly having tea and they would practice their english talking to us. A view about half way up the Kardung la climb 5359 m (17582 ft ), a day climb to the top from Leh. Tanglang la ( real height is lower at 17480 ft 5328 m ) on the road to Manali in Himachal Pradesh and an idea of how bad the road could be after the spring snow melt.

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