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Discussion in 'CycleChat and Recreational Rides' started by Pete, 1 Mar 2008.

  1. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Well, a bit belatedly post-prandial, it being the day after, but never mind... decided to hop on the train more or less on the spur of the moment (after clearing it with the Mrs) foul-looking weather notwithstanding ... pleasant circuit of RP to warm up ... met up with some of the 'regulars' mostly ACF'ers* ... Mass moving along nicely: not too much 'trusta' bike-waving stuff this time, at least not until the circus where the regulars peeled off ... customary social bit ... on the way back Tony happened to remark that The Mall is a good place for a 20mph sprint, which is true, normally: last night with a howling gale emanating from the palace I could scarce muster 10mph...:biggrin:

    *forum rivalry? what forum rivalry? Anyway I did give my CC jersey its first outing :biggrin:
  2. Zoom

    Zoom Über Member

    I'm not a fan of CM; just seems a bad advert for cycling blocking the traffic and going though red lights. Doing what the skaters do seems a mich better idea (going round a set route at a cracking pace to show the car drivers the fastest way around London). I appreciate a lot of people treat as more of a social event than a serious ride and provided it's within the trafiic law it should be kept going; just not my thing.

    How is the rumoured police crackdown going?
  3. OP

    Pete Guest

    No evidence that I could see, this time. Indeed the plod were doing their usual friendly and helpful stuff, 'plugging' junctions to help the wobblier CM'ers stay alive! And Sam (Valiant)'s music (aka "dirty Sanchez" I think) was given free rein. And I don't know of any aggro from cabbies or other drivers, this time around. More writeup on ACF.

    Controversial - yes I agree - this is a difficult one! I certainly deplored the first ever CM I went to (in Brighton) many years ago, where there were idiots jumping on a car roof and bullying a teenage motorcyclist to the point where he was reduced to tears. I there and then vowed never to go again. Long after that, I relented, and I've been turning up to the London one - sporadically - for nearly three years now. It's not really 'cycling', as you point out: it certainly obstructs and annoys some people, though nothing on the scale of the Brighton experience.

    I put this observation in as my justification. Knock it down with a good counter-argument if you wish! It is this: pedestrians: passers-by on the South Bank, and later on during the ride: tourists, commuters and Londoners alike, all keep coming up saying "what's this all about?". They also take photos. I am happy to enlighten them: this is no more or less than showing London that 'there are cyclists about' and cycling is a 'way to go' in the city. Of course we don't put out to them the message that this isn't 'normal' city cycling. But it puts the word 'cycling' in people's minds. Maybe if one CM wins one spectator over to cycling in London's streets, it'll have done its job. I think this can only be a Good Thing. Who knows?
  4. Zoom

    Zoom Über Member

    I hope Ken or his successor will also do a good job of promoting cycling in London; although what that probably needs is not countless millions spent on new dedicated separate cycle facilities but just a bit of thought given to cyclists at the junctions and pinch points (err hold on that will probably cost a lot more :wacko:)

    I've been on a couple of CMs and agree that there is a real buzz and also respect and admiration from bystanders (many of whom are also p1ssed); but was very unhappy at holding up bus passengers on Oxford St (the cars all found a way round of course)
  5. Valiant

    Valiant Senior Member

    Worrying thing is the coppers asked me to bring Beatrix (the bigger sound system) next time, heck I wasn't even warned about the socpa at the start, when we got into the zone they politely asked me to turn it off and soon as it out again they asked me to turn it back on lol.
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