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My advanced driving observer told me about the acronym used to ensure the car is roadworthy before you set off; especially on longer journeys. It goes:

P = Petrol. Make sure you have enough for the journey.
O = Oil. Make sure it is to the correct level and top up if needed.
W = Water. Make sure Coolant levels are correct and windscreen wash is topped up.
D = Damage. Do a walk all around the vehicle to ensure there is no damage that would make the car not road worthy.
E - Electrics - make sure all lights are in working order and dashboard lights are all reading OK
R = Rubber. Make sure tyres are sound and legal and brakes are working. I know car brakes are not rubber, but it goes here!

All great for ensuring your car journeys are safe each trip.

Now you thinking type cycle commuters and the like - can we think up a suitable acronym for ensuring our cycle is fit for road use before we set off?


From a commuter point of view - here are my pre-ride checks. Don't make a great acronym though:

T - Tyres pumped up
Q - Quick releases locked firmly
B - Brakes in order
D - Drink for longer journey
C - Chain lubed
T - Tools & Tube for roadside repair.
L - Lights (in winter)

The above excludes being dressed right - padded shorts, Gilet, glasses,helmet, hi viz vest, etc


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How's about WRIGHT ...as in "Cycling - do it wright"

W - Wheels (tyres pumped up, quick releases tight, hubs not gritty)
R - Retarding (brakes ok)
I - Illumination (lights, hi-vis, etc)
G - Gears (adjusted ok, chain lubed)
H - Helmet (contentious I know!)
T - Tools (including pump and tube)

I'm sure there's a much better version than this (especially the 'R')!


Brakes (check they are connected and in good nick)
Lights (always)
Underwear!! (always forgetting)
Repair (kit is a must for city dwellers)
Tyres (check for crud, tread and pointy things)


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Nearly got one - but nothing for Tools:

S - Stopping - brakes OK
I - Illumination - lights
G - Gears - Indexing and smooth changing
N - Noggin - protect it with a helmet
A - Air - enough in your tyres?
L - I'm stuck on this one; can you have L for Tools somehow?



S - Stopping - brakes OK
I - Eye Glasses
G - Gears - Indexing and smooth changing
N - Noggin - protect it with a helmet
A - Air - enough in your tyres?
L - Lights


quick releases come loose?

brakes don't go bad just like that and there's a back up

tyres i admit to checking but again, you'll find out

checking a tyre for debris is not a quick check

gears again isn't a sudden problem and what if they are buggered, yu'll find out soon enough

me, tyres because I like them rock hard, lights on, the rest I notice while riding
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