Precipitation Problems?


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So, set off for work this morning, BBC weather says sunny with a little cloud all day, so just in a short sleeve jersey and shorts.
Low and behold, set off for home, steady consistent rain.... but you know what.....
It really wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be, OK its the first really wet weather I've encountered without protection, and it is warm(ish), but it was surprisingly enjoyable-- is that perverse?
It has certainly lessened my apprehension about wet weather riding ( apart from a little moment on a drain cover), and hardened my intention to join a club, do club rides, and commute as much as my job will allow!
I'll get off this soap-box now as its a little unstable :smile:
It always looks worse when it's raining...I wonder what our metal box friends think about a soaked cyclist.


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The light rain today was nice though it was heavy enough for me to put my arm warmers on just to stop the water cooling my arms down to much (the back of my arms were getting cold but the front were fine).


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Personally I love riding in the rain and snow, although my favorite is drizzle. I just find the moisture much more invigorating (and the roads clearer of slow cyclists..). Here's looking towards the next p1ss down!


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If it's warm and I'm not going far (like commuting) then I rarely bother with any sort of waterproof, it's almost always more pleasant without one. As long as I've got a cycling cap I'm happy.
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